by Mason Lucas

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released April 7, 2011

Mason Lucas: vocals, guitars, bass, melodica, Eastey electric harmonium, charango, percussion, wooden flutes, ocarina, piano, keyboards and sitar

Contra Bass: Arvin Zarookian
Drums: Ryan Ramirez, Karen Kocharyan, Jason Curland
Percussion: Matthew Dean
Violin: Cailen Campbell
Winds: Henry Lucas, Adam Zagor, Justin Davis, Sammy Lett
Cover Art: Mikka Stifler and James Noellert



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Mason Lucas

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Track Name: Kick Arrow
Kick Arrow Lyrics by Mason Lucas

Tribal drumbeats pounding
Trumpets and violins sounding
Eruptions of volcanic fountains
Flying over snowcapped mountains
Rain dominates my forest
Thundering down in torrents
Boons to the water courses
And heralds of great importance
Massifs maintain silence
Escarpments met out violence
Esplanades best trod milage
Clouds create Sky Islands
Rivers run and spray off the cateracts
Display the grace of acrobats
We want to return to our habitats
And learn to discern the turns of the avalanche
I look to the Earth to find inspiration
Meditations of high vibration
Positivity a sublime innovation
Unity is my destination
Respect to all living creatures
All of them are humanity's teachers
Elk Buffalo Fox and Beaver
They are our relatives and true believers
So peace to the people who are living in yurts
Relief to the people who have no shirts
Release the hold on gold deep in the dirt
Belief in love will heal the Earth
Feel the energy of the land you're on
What you're standing on and what you're landing on
It's the Metatron jamming through the Gamelon
I give my blessings to the plants of the Amazon

This is our island in the sky
You can live your life and still wonder why
Maintain a smile and keep it nice
Respect the land and comfort the children when they cry

I run through the jungle just to kick up dust
I'm on a gleeful spree and I'm just ripping it up
I reside with the tribes who are vibeing it up
And survive every time when they're sipping their cups
I'm going to fly through the canopy of sanity's lanes
Because we're jamming like Marley is a part of my game
We started the same but part of me is harder to train
And incarnated related to statements tapered with flame
I maintain though change is a universal concept respect the traditions
And I do it with a sonnet I'm on it
Doctors say conditions are chronic
Because I always keep my lyrics so fluent and honest
Bust syntax pin back the pages in the wind
Mariah's desired and I'm inspired to begin
Yet again the Dervish is beginning to spin
I'm on a tortex vortex will all four fins
It's revolving evolving and solving the problems
Rectify the situation though we didn't start it
Cultivating patience in Dubuque and Harlem
In the parliament with Solomon Bailey and Barnum
While the stars in the sky keep rotating in fact
Just to punctuate the centuries like sentries intact
They're sending me back to times of diviners in black
And in the white with the balance of thier talents and their tact
With the luminous voluminous humanist homophones
I'm consuming this like my dog's exhuming the bones
Assuming the phone doesn't ring and ruin my tone
I will return to the essence of my effervescent poems
Bless the microphones bless the crowds
Bless the planet bless it loud
A testament to positivity that makes us proud
And get down to the revolution sound we found.

This is our island in the sky
You can live your life and still wonder why
Maintain a smile and keep it nice
Respect the land and comfort the children when they cry
Track Name: Spuki
Spuki Lyrics by Mason Lucas

Yo I

We flow for the show
No time to hold the phone
Of the chrome flipping domes
With nothing but the chromosomes
Well known won our merits in the terrordrome
When we recite it we'll be rhyming on a ribosome
The seed was sown but it was only a loan
You've got to share it with your parents so they can grow their own
They're flipping bundles to the hundreds in the thunderdome
I cruise to Colorado show my love to the summit home
With the reggae rhythm and we with them with the mellow tone
Pianos for sopranos with the altos and the baritones
Still it is revealed that it appeals to the skeleton
Accumulate and ruminate our super numerated bones
Windshield wipers in the rain maintain the metronome
My mind is my kingdom and my apartment is my second home
The television news never soothes it's a parrot show
They terrorize and advertise a pack of lies they brew for you
I've got the positive phenomenon I let it rock
And the vibrational sensation of the one drop
My tactics are dramatic so I'm known to hit the tip top
Transcend the land's end and run through the sun spots
Islands in the sky have their eyes on the cosmonauts
Cause a lot of love on the path of the astronauts
Reenter the atmosphere your appearance is a pleasant shock
We're mastering our karma so the dharma is a rock hop
Singing with our eyes closed to Taos and Monadnock
Beauty and respect are the best of the cash crop
You can relax and know that never will the track stop
Lyrical mastery for phylacteries that grass-hop
My whole crew used to live down by the back lot
Rent was mad cheap but I thought I was going to get my back shot
Reflections on directions of the past made me laugh a lot
But now I'm living fully in the love as my backdrop

If you need to believe in something maybe this will give you hope enough
The choice is yours I'll give you some more of the invisible tickets of the continual love

This is the rhythm that incinerates paper
Giving credit due to writers and arrangers
Inventive like Samuel Clements' mysterious stranger
An angel turning pages born forlorn in a manger
I've got the Mark Twain refrain and a laser
My anima's got stamina you can't contain her
It was explained to me by druids and rangers
Who told me that if I didn't get it now I'd get it later
Flossing with the boss as we cross the equator
You can direct all correspondence to a personal savior
If you're walking with the talkative on edges of razors
Castaneda made the cut ripping up the cross fader
Bass driven music for the movers and the shakers
I'm on maneuvers just to be a mediator
Whether you're a sailor of the stars of meditator
Felling love and gratitude is my human nature

If you need to believe in something maybe this will give you hope enough
The choice is yours I'll give you some more of the invisible tickets of the continual love

I'm not a gangster rapper or an emo-scenester after
Demons on the scene are spitting whack and then they're choking up
Another season writing poems up on the mountain top
I had to take a breather and a sip from my tea cup
Country to the suburbs to the city's not the last stop
Looking back and laughing at the path I must be growing up
Bar-girls are throwing up finally hung their phones up
Lyrics keep on burning and I'm looking at the notebook
That's when I hit you with one more dope hook
So you can rise above the cries that you're so shook
And peel away the layers of illusion and go look
At the journey through this world that you're soul took

Yo I
Track Name: Mochileros
Mochileros Lyrics by Mason Lucas

Le bon ton todo corazon
Mochileros tratamond
De la selva movin on
A Chinchero con King Kong
Mis amigos del callejon
Y castillos come along
Me sanango charango song
De revolucion
De amor

Devas sing
Nos enseñan melodias

Mis hermanos y mis primos
Estan bailando los caminos
Japonese Griegos Chinos
Angelitos Argentinos
Maria Sabina me daba vinos
Magicales y antiguos
Ayuda la gente
Elle me dijo
Del banco del rio
She dances on the sand

Devas Sing
Nos enseñan melodias

Wa ha nari buariki
Nuku mutsu paro
Yushu yushu kaini wa ha buariki
Nuku buariki
Contamana noashpikuta
Mutsu shuku aibu ishuni
Wa baba nu
Wa baba nu
Track Name: Oceans Find
Oceans Find Lyrics and Music by Mason Lucas

Looking out across a caravan of faces like a stone tableaux
Every character's a synonym of where I've been or where I'll go
Cycle through existence it's addictive isn't it a blissful show
Little glimpses of delicious situations ancient futures glow
And no religion's given wisdom is predicting individual goals
It's a big decision living moments like I know I know
Visions lift us up to higher heights from orbits of elliptical
Dreams and find us and remind us that our kindness is so integral

Where oceans find a place to hide

Did you think of all the people moving towards all the pivotal
Moments only last a fraction they're invisible
And we're only getting closer by the minute to a mystical
Union and confederation with the indivisible
Where little trails run through the wilderness akin to this old narrative flow
And the climate's unpredictable protagonists are variables
Dancing on the limbs with infinite volitions skipping miracles
And the system has existed since it's institution ages ago

Where oceans find a place to hide
Track Name: Rollin On
Rollin On Lyrics and music by Mason Lucas

Whirlwinds in the world spin through newspaper headlines
The calendar's parameters defining the deadlines
But still we move ahead and we maintain in the meantime
And I call on the selector 'cause I need her to rewind
The DJ's plates keep on rotating like a turbine
I'm non violent but I impact like a punch line
To the proponents of peace the release is going to be fine
Love on the incline and war on the decline
We redesign the shape of civilization in dreamtime
The energy of the planets and the sun's mine
I only rely on the positive and I combine
Vibratory magic poems and luminous love rhymes
It is interpreted through third eyes and sun signs
Saw that Foghat when I was on a slow ride
I bring the dub and it makes the whole club climb
I know you gotta say my rhyme styles' sublime

If they'd let me know
The name of this puzzle
I think it's famous out in Tokyo
So maybe that's where I should go

Metaphorically spitting out words that glisten
Everybody now just stop and listen
Can you relate and state your position
Spinning with a world where the mystery's hidden
Illuminated conduits, benevolent treaties
Magnificent genies, devas and dakinis
Myriad lives: will we repeat these
Gathering intelligence to relevant theses
Expand upon community networks
Grassroots poke through cracks in the red dirt
Sunlight shines on the back of my wet shirt
Reaping the rewards like lords of the manners
Alighting and I'm lighting the way like a lantern
Messages penned in the cipher that I answer
Hammering the drum like a audible glammer
Combining the mantra with impeccable grammer
Coming over to your side of the room
Anybody guess I'm arriving soon
Greet a guest with a knife or spoon
Check your breath it is high noon
Keep on rhyming for a timeless boon
Anyone could rest in silence soon
Take a trip to the dark side of the moon
And I flip what I rip with a page and plume

If they'd let me know
The name of this puzzle
I think it's famous out in Tokyo
So maybe that's where I should go

And so I hit the road in the autum it's beautiful
Different from anything I've ever seen in my entire life it's all good
As it should but you never thought I would
Run the bauntlet but I'm on it and satonished the hood
And the subuerbs while we slumbber they cut lumber fom wood
And the odometer's numberes start to plummet with every foot
I'm woving backwards in time and ripples are felt on the
Farthest peninsulas reetition of the cylce raise the temperature
I'm a sould adventurere still the jouney's been a blur
Some people theya re never surea nd live their lives in sepluchers

Looking at fields and the forest and torrents
Of thunderstorm warnings in the morning while we're orbiting Florence
Churches and factories practically forming a spine across the
Country kinda funny that it would strike me so naturally
Occasionally missing my exit because of the scenery
Deep in the wilderness or maybe it was the greenery
Smoke stack blown back road maps so fat
All of my friends in New London cut the phone tap
Our frequency's free and clear of debris and I'll always be
On the itinerary rolling out of NYC
And Pokipse Mississippi keep on spitting the litany
Bring the practice to Anapolis and the twin cities
On the last train to Clarksville we start to embark
From Asbury Park to Glastonbury and Bismark
From Verona to Sedona, Arizona and Pomona
I'm out but it was sure nice to have known ya.
Track Name: Eyes Up
Eyes Up Lyrics and Music by Mason Lucas

Love can stop the war
On the distant shore
That's what I came here for
It's what we must explore

You know I've got more love than a permanent crunk
And the the jungle I can tumble like a circle of monks
You know I've got a lot of megawatts and I'm making them bump
I point my speakers at the leaders and I'm making them jump
Because they fight a false war for some blood to pump
They say they might reward the boored and the dumb
They've got their feet up on the wheels of our dreams and
We started needing them
But we can put it back on track it's up to us to

Take charge
Be large
Children of the stars gravitate and innovate the arts
Wise up
Rise up
Eyes up
Integrity's blending me sending infinite love

Love can stop the war
Abroad and inside your heart
And trust is what we need
Electrify your soul with unity

You can look around any town there's something to see
Is it debatable they made a few that are covered with trees
And some are covered with dust and cry concrete tears
Cause deceivers drop their bombs until the people disappear
And I can hear them speaking on TV until it's meaningless
I'm dreaming of life in 3d
And these people call a state of emergency
You can't make me safe and I would rather be free so

Take charge
Be large
Children of the stars gravitate and innovate the arts
Wise up
Rise up
Eyes up
Integrity's mending me sending infinite love

Take charge
Be large
Children of the stars celebrate and elevate the heart
Wise up
Rise up
Eyes up
To the mindstate the vibrates with infinite love

I woke up at 5 am monday
I killed the TV there was too much gunplay
They were bombing countries just to build a runway
And start a war of bloodletting somesay
I'm too candid branded contraband kid
I rhyme slow this time you'll understand it
I speak truth cause the youth demand it and
Spread limitless love to a troubled planet
This is a conscious peoples' movement
I'll prove it do it so smooth and move like a fluid
In a wilderness existence with druids fluent
Double wide classified as a truant
While all the false governments and the fake rappers
Are taking their turns to act as slave masters
Their laughter will end upon capture
And I won't wait for the rap sure
Track Name: Antidote
Antidote Lyrics and Music by Mason Lucas

I'll only listen to the truths for quotes
They are the antidote
I'm going to sing on the strains of hope sometimes it rocks the boat

I live my life full on so it's humbling
Sometimes I only come come with some stumbling
I refine these lifetimes of bumbling
Whether or not Babylon will come tumbling
Purify the belly of grumbling
Clarify the tongue from mumbling
Realign the spine from crumbling
Redesign the mind to find something

LIving alone for some time
Makes me appreciate your company
Meditation on the times
Makes the minutes seem so young to me
Living in a concrete cage
Makes me spread my wings in the country
May all the blessed lessons of life
Expand expound and come to me

I sing the song all night long for all nations
To bring the blessings of love and elation
To every spiritual path and persuasion
Spin the lyrical math and equation
I sing the song to rise the vibration
And so the hypocrites run from the station
Throw down their guns with some consternation
So lead them not up to spots of temptation

I'll only listen to the truths for quotes
They are the antidote
I'm going to sing on the strains of hope sometimes it rocks the boat

This is the time for focus of purpose
As we define what lies below the surface
Becoming mindful of precise service
It's so sublime to define that we deserve it
This is the time for us to be courageous
No matter what we've been through in these stages
If we're keeping accurate records or burning pages
Because the power of love is so contagious

Impermanent concerns that we burn on sojourns of the soul
Will help light the sky
Meditations on death and demise and these times
Makes one feel so alive inside
Change is the strangest refrain
That punctuates our life and makes us laugh and cry
So may all the blessed lessons of life
Answer my questions of how and why
Track Name: One Dub
One Dub Lyrics and Music by Mason Lucas

The truth will not be revealed in the trivialities of so called education
Reality will not be elucidated in profit based syndicated news spectacles
The competition for control will not be depicted amidst scoreboards and advertising banners
The path to higher divinity will not be sold to the highest bidder


Blessed is the one who will show kindness compassion and respect
Blessed is the one who treads lightly in this world
Blessed is the one who manifests positivity through their actions
Blessed is the one who radiates love to all

Hiya higher jay ma
We're sipping nectars from the manantial
Me dicen people ha venido de alla
Con suss cuentitos of the sweetness of Jah
Los bendiciones are the only vale ya
Bless a lonely rabbi when he blow the chofar
So far conditions en the mundo cabman
Siempre trabajamos hasta victoria


Hiya higher jai bhagvan
Bismilla el Rachmad Elohim ramazan
Estey hamro jivan buri jankri kam
Mantanemos protejidos en sangha
Gaia se ha hado todo lo que tendra
Y nuestros espiritos ojala
Que les van a volar con valor a El Dorado
Dona nobis pacem y libertad


The wise man will not tarry over folly
The humble man will not squander in a volley
Shanty towns now you know they're full of knowledge
So yoga man with the Kali stay jolly
Track Name: Im Lak'esh
Im Lak'esh Lyrics and Music by Mason Lucas

My roots reach up in the air
My branches are bending here and there
My mind is old my heart is young but it's been everywhere
My rings are the only things I have to wear
I've got to grow to be a positive logical hominid operative
Confident and open to the opposites
Cause all of the venomous enemies turn into friends
In the end the condemned is defended burning in effigy and
I see the unity and soon to be equality
I'm on the non duality beyond my own reality
I'm from an old galaxy with the whole family
We're feeling the love you know I"m glad to be here
Where I can rest a while
With you my dear so do your best to smile
While my tears run wild like NIle crocodiles
They disappear but they'll be back in a couple of miles
Cause all of us are born to make some more mistakes in congregations

So lay me down I will speak in simple sounds
Maybe now we're going to make it loud

My shins have been kicked but I will stand
My limbs are ripped I am a man
And the head on my shoulders is controlling
The flow of the vocals like molten boulders
Exploding in the ocean
My fins are walking on dry land
Beneath the explanation of experience
Beyond the harmful laws of the delirious
Before we start to take it all so serious
Before we all move on from the mysterious here
Where we'll always be
We made it this far chronologically
And it's beautiful too
Looking at you watching me
Cause I realize it's I and I
Looking back at me
And all of us are born to make some more mistakes in congregations

So lay me down I will speak in simple sounds
Maybe now we're going to make it loud

There's nothing holding me back but the past
Nothing keeping me here but the future