Legends from the Dub Rock

by Mason Lucas

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released September 11, 2012

Vox and instruments: Mason Lucas
Cover art photo: Brian Pearson



all rights reserved


Mason Lucas

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Track Name: Love Crosses Oceans
Love Crosses Oceans
Lyrics and music by Mason Lucas

Love crosses oceans
To sing us awake and turn us around
To fill us with that blissful motion
That takes away the seasickness with sound

The fish will dance below us
Paddles dip the water to ripple us along
Spiraling wings above us open up their arms
And guide us through dark waters with their songs

Men and women ask about the charts we follow
Who is the captain of the boat you're on?
We're flying to tomorrow
And the destination is always where we are

Signaling up to the sky
One light shines for all to see
There's a beacon everywhere you've got a friend
No port of call where you've got to be

जे माः Pacha Mama
We make our music right here and send it out to the stars

Every historical landmark
Every vision of the future yet to materialize
Has got it's place in the annals of evolution
Signposts of space and time

We can build a world of love inside our hearts
And let it vibrate out by sitting still
Some might feel it penetrating right away
And some might take years but they will

Some might suggest a journey of ten thousand steps
And some might seek their gems deep underground
Meditating on the highest heights and inner lights
And crumbling dusty pages appear profound

Sometimes we bend over backwards
To see what lies in front of us along the way
Just set your sails for truth little darling
As day turns to night and again today

जे माः Pacha Mama
We make our music right here and send it out to the stars
Track Name: Onex
Lyrics and music by Mason Lucas

Once way out across the ocean
Events recorded for all time
Unfold to fill the avid with devotion
Unifying all the the families and all the tribes

From the distant frozen mountain tops' snows
To the depths of every oceans silent repose
May every wind bring love when they blow
And carry us home

From the ancient tombs of all our desert fathers
To the lagoons that birth the feminine divine
All the possibilities that we can even conjure
Live on a level higher than the mind

And everything that we recognize
Is a reflection of what we have inside
So realize and internalize
That love is truth and fear is a lie

Oh may peace prevail upon your pretty planet
Oh may love unite the disparate designs
Oh may we respect and care for all of our brethren
Oh may we discover what we long to find

And everything that we recognize
Is a reflection of what we have inside
So realize and internalize
That love is truth and fear is a lie
Track Name: Talari
Lyrics and music by Mason Lucas

The sun paints a picture and water reflects the idea
Shaking and shimmering suggesting why we might be here
Stones change their shapes and create and then they disappear
Seedlings expand and reach out so to grow near

All of these temporary moments are scenes in a play
As we search for meaning and we search for something to say
What will you do with your life cause it starts today
The past and the future are phantoms who live to betray

Oh the river's song says it all
It's mighty majesty and metaphor
Always at home and yet always changing it's form
Endlessly traveling there's always more

So I decide to transform all that I see
Into beautiful lessons that lead right to high mastery
Love is the power and the only continuity
Everything else is illusion so that we might see

Learn to be simple and learn to feel love all around
Make each complexity elegant graceful and proud
Respect a tradition so that it's sound
Echoes from the present to honor us all with a crown
Learn to be joyful and learn to feel love in your heart
Your ancestors did it your children will help you to start
Life is subjective so live it like a work or art
And everyone's beautiful harmony will play it's part
Track Name: Kimonos and Parasols
Kimonos and Parasols
Lyrics and music by Mason Lucas

おさななじみ よろしく おねがいします

Waking up under the gun
On and island in the sun
The empire has come undone
And it's requiem's unsung

Catching fish on a soldiers' wage
Long since unpaid
In chains of paper cranes
Across cemeteries

こんどこの はやく

Rain so lightly falls
On kimonos and parasols
The splendor of it all
Is a distant echoed call

Banners turn to rags
Bunting and bandstands
And in some distant land
Historians shake hands

Maybe I'll get some news today
That it's over very much over
And I can go home

But I'm home as I'll ever be
Far away they've forgotten me
Like a castaway at sea
Fishing for two or three
Or our glorious military
Unshaven and elderly
So I'll serve my family
Helmets of soup and tea

Maybe I'll get some news today
That it's over very much over
And I can go home

おっかれさま です
Track Name: The Game of Go
The Game of Go
Lyrics and music by Mason Lucas

Call your friends with your telepathy to talk about
The movements in my humor and the energy that's flowing out
Cause we can choose to eschew the state of oblivion and
Rise above the paradigm of cowboys and indians
Let's be aware of the powers of intention while we're
Respecting the trajectories of powerful ascension
Riding out all the momentary difficulties
The ripples bump me lifting me up to feel the bliss more fully

Go transform your home and all you've know into a golden throne
Where your higher consciousness may reside

Right about the time I got the message
There were halos flying on wings through the desert so
I finished school ahead of the schedule
Ever the credible rebel irrelevant that it was legible
And my graphiti is a testament to all the needy
Souls with control of their destinies so you best believe me
The time has come for the clarity and we've
Got and opportunity for homilies and peace treaties

Go transform your home and all you've know into a golden throne
Where your higher consciousness may reside

While I'm here I'd like to sing my song

Body chemistry gave me a better memory
The high fructose and caffeine were my enemies
I threw the fire water bottle in recycling and
Never looked back to get struck by white lightning
And we transform a planet earth emergency into
More appreciation of the power of tranquility
And good vibrations' variations continuity
That fill me with abilities to stick to my soliloquoy

Go transform your home and all you've know into a golden throne
Where your higher consciousness may reside

While I'm here I'd like to sing my song
Track Name: Garden
Lyrics and music by Mason Lucas

There's a garden in the sky
You can see when you close your eyes
Twisting shrubs and plants and vines flowers bloom
To be consumed by the wise
Layed back by the force of the tide take the opportunity to look deep inside

There's a garden in the grove
Full of secrets a treasure's trove
Takes off your armor and gives you new clothes
Heals the body and fills one with hope
Standing tall with the force we emote
Hold onto the circle of friends just to cope

There's a garden in your heart
Planting seeds there is an ancient art
Every living thing will play it's part
And if they don't there's a time to start
Pulled back just to fly like a dart
Filled with all the love it is intended to impart

Search the whole world over
And in the end you might find a clue
The last living real destination
Is deep within you
Some might say you're wasting your time
And some might think you're wrong
That you're better off with trivial distractions
But what's real is eternal love and song

There's a garden in the earth
Open to all irrespective of birth
The first shall be last and the last shall be first
Baptized by the fire of love immersed
Something new to the well rehearsed
Everybody is a debtor being reimbursed
Track Name: Jungle Dub
Jungle Dub
Lyrics and Music by Mason Lucas

Jungle jungle
We're all related
After I contemplated and concentrated
It's just easier to run around naked
Then you know that you're
Not going to fake it

When the rain falls up from the ground
And the insects are making
The strangest sounds
Night birds are singing
In a round
Sending their voices up to hold the balance down

Jungle jungle
Everyone's a native
Even if you've lost your roots they're reinstated
Mysteries are behind the myths
The world's debated
Even if you're sure that the gods just came down and made it

Looking back as far as I can see there's a plethora of ephemera in the legends of my family
The seemingly random migrations of my patient ancestry
They got aquainted and they celebrated their amnesty and left behind the trauma and the sadness and the tragedy
Propagating progeny who'll live abundantly

Many crossed the ocean
Some lost their way
Many hid in churches
And got away
But not for lack of devotion
Some had to stay
Floating on the currents of the changes
Tomorrow turns into today

Jungle jungle
We're all related
Though some are distant
They're appreciated
As we make peace with each other
And those we've hated
We make peace within ourselves
And all that's yet to be created
Track Name: Manual of the Planes
Manual of the Planes
Lyrics and Music by Mason Lucas

In fields of golden columbines
- the flames of my memories are definitely sensory
I chose to leave my past behind
- better step to the task cause it moves so fast
Though sometimes the memories remind
- but don't linger too long on what you think went wrong
Me, I'm like a hawk that's free to fly
- freedom is truth and I need no proof

So I'll see you on the other side
- raise up your hands and sing

The desert sun that burns the sky
- is my point of view while I'm enjoying you
Will warm my wings as I climb
- I nod to the mist that envelops this
And though at times I navigate blind
- don't trust your eyes because your eyes can lie
Like the shaman told me I'd be fine
- open up your mind and find your part in the grand design

So I'll see you on the other side
- raise up your hands and sing

My hero carved his name in stone
- the marks we leave from our trajectories
I climbed a mountain to find it alone
- the more you seek the higher the peak
He showed me all that he had known
- you have to teach yourself though you might need help
And now it's most of what I own
- may precious things bless your wings

So for the moment this planet is my home
- raise up your hands and sing

And all along the way we demonstrate
That love and compassion and kindness will always win the day
And all along the way we demonstrate
That a smile to your brother man is the best way to validate
And all along the way we demonstrate
That there's more to life then working for the man suffering in heartbreak
And all along the way we demonstrate
That were all just trying not to fall between the cracks in the earthquakes

Beyond the thoughts I entertain
- a limited position based on cognition
Lies a world that I cannot explain
- well beyond words though it seems absurd
Like all the wisdom that it contains
- I try to memorize and internalize
So meanwhile right here we remain
- consistency in the mystery

So I'll see you on the astral plane
Track Name: Bamboo
Lyrics and music by Mason Lucas

You've got a heart with a view
Suddenly I knew
That the days of lonely sailors are dependent on their attitudes
And as the violence of my mind slips away I am renewed

You've got a heart with a view
Though distant storms may brew they are few
I've invested all my energies ahead of me to not be so confused
And as the clouds and mist descend on this forest of bamboo
The moonlight has some leaves to filter through
And droplets of water dance in different hues
This side of the lake is the best to take in the truth
And as it's getting late we review what we might do

So I'm looking out at nature as if I've never known it
It's so grand and enchanting for anyone to own it and
I realize that I am a chief component
Breathing in from budding to seed for a moment
Of time who am I to think that I'm alone?

Hidden treasures and gems beyond measure
Pure pleasure to exist betwixt the contenders
Like feathers who are blown on the wings of weather
Patterns through the strata of the dreams we render
Unsung for now but later on

There's nobody who's stopping the options and the
Rocking in the branches in the trees concoction
Is a symphony of insects clicking and popping
And there's got to be a bird out there dropping some blossoms
To the bottom of the valley floor for me to find

To take control of my temper my center
Remember to send her a letter to help her
Feel better in the present cause she's gone till september
And the president resigns when he finds I met her
On the balcony looking out at the world beyond

You've got a heart with a view
Track Name: Moonlight Electric
Moonlight Electric
Lyrics and Music by Mason Lucas

Moonlight scatters as it hits the ground
I long to go home and lay down

But still I wonder what your love looks like

You left hours ago
Back to California where your favorite flowers grow
These words are sighing their last breath
They've still got power though
I'm walking zigzag to understand my shadow
Time is rolling on the sky will change from blue to red
Who said you get movements of the worlds unfurled and curled up
In your hair you dare to share all the love you have with earth's children
Living in the sunshine some find willingness to change a given right
That incites the inclination to insight

Still I wonder what your love looks like

So I left on a journey of my own
Red lines traced on ancient maps
That's the path I've flown
All the beautiful faces
So many mysterious places
All the tiny traces
Of our memories
Moments in stasis
Time is rolling on the sky will change from black to white
Revealing satellites and we continue looking through the window
Histories and futures we maneuver lifting up the louvers and the blinds
Sometimes you've got to peel away the veil to see what both sides entail

We travel to unravel and see what lies beyond
We're dancing for understanding and singing our songs for eons